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Car Window Tinting

In the Santa Clarita area of Los Angeles, we definitely see a large number of sunny days throughout the year. With more than 300 days on average that the weather is nice (and sunny), auto owners will often find that they drive more frequently than those who live in other states in the U.S. This large amount of sunshine does have its own disadvantages; however, as the sun’s rays can be damaging to both your automobile as well as to passengers in your automobile. A good way to guard against these effects is to take advantage of a high quality car window tinting service such as that offered by Santa Clarita Mobile Car Glass. Our team of expert technicians has been honing their craft for more than 16 years in the local area, and we provide a lifetime warranty on all work that we do for our clients that is good for the lifetime of your ownership of the vehicle. You will be hard-pressed to find another shop who stands behind their work like we do.

Our customers often ask us what the advantages of getting a quality auto tinting job are. One of the most popular is that you can avoid the heat in the summer time or during some of those usually warm days that we see in October. We have seen up to a 60% reduction in the temperature in our customer’s autos who take advantage of our full tinting package (varies based on the tinting package purchased). You will also help protect the skin of your auto’s passengers since our window tint helps block more than 90% of the harmful UV rays of the sun. Your automobile’s interior also benefits since these same rays also cause most vehicle interiors to crack and fade over time at a rapid rate. No matter what your motivation for an auto tinting job, you should give the staff at Santa Clarita Mobile Car Glass a call today. We will answer any questions that you might have, and we are always happy to provide free quotes without any strings attached for our mobile window tinting services that are brought to you for no additional charge.


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